A House Hunting We Will Go…

Asheville has provided the backdrop for many events in my life. I had my high school proms here, one of my best friends from childhood got married here, it’s where many of my dance competitions were held, and it has provided me countless bar hopping and silly adventures along the way. However, the biggest moment I’ve had in Asheville is meeting Craig.Image

We had our first date in the bottom part of Thirsty Monk downtown, we shared our first kiss on a hike in Bent Creek on the Blue Ridge Parkway, he asked me to be his girlfriend at a show at The Magnetic Field, and we have visited, laughed, and chatted in numerous restaurants, art galleries, and parks all over this place. But we’re making our next big step in this city–together.

We are buying our first house!

Asheville is about to have two very permanent residents! We have begun the process of searching, falling in love with, and purchasing our first home. So far it has been quite eventful–lots of funky houses, tiny bedrooms, and potential ghosts have awaited us. Luckily, our search seems to be drawing nearer to a close–we have narrowed down our search to two potential houses! One’s property ends because the Blue Ridge Parkway begins, and the other is behind the WNC Nature Center (walking distance to river otters! My favorite!). Although it extends our commutes to work, both houses provide easy access to downtown shenanigans. We are really excited, albeit anxious to figure out which one we really want so we can put in our offer & begin our new adventure!

Keep your fingers crossed for us as we continue our house hunting process! I can’t wait to solidify my commitment to such a wonderful city (even if it does include a mortgage 🙂 ).

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