Old Friends, Different City, New Lives

One of the most unique parts of living in Asheville is spending time here with people that I went to high school with. I am extremely grateful that I have kept in such close contact with so many people from my hometown, and I cherish my friendships with them all. One of the main reasons I moved to Asheville in August 2011 was because two of my very best friends were moving here as well. Both of them had been in my best friend circle since I was 14, and I even went to college with one of them. Living in a city we once frequented as angsty teenagers created more memories and a stronger bond with these women than I ever could imagine. I’m sad to say that they have both moved on to bigger and brighter opportunities in other cities, but if it hadn’t have been for them, I may never have returned to the same city that we adored so much as teens.


Surrah B, Egor, and me at our favorite bar, The Bywater


Me and Skylar, Halloween ’11, at Westville Pub

As well as moving to the same city as two of my best friends, countless high school pals have visited my fair city as well. I always enjoy their visits, and hope to convert them all to move back to the mountains and enjoy being a grown-up in Asheville. Such an event occurred last night when one of my oldest, dearest, and soul-matiest (not a word, but nothing else can describe it) friends came to visit last night.


Me and Paige, our junior prom. Such babies!

Paige and I have been connected to the hip consistently throughout our lives, but have always seemed to be connected by the heart. She now lives in Colorado, and although I miss her, I am proud of her for following her dreams to a new city and state where they can be possible. What made last night’s reunion so great was not only the fact that she finally got to meet Craig and I got to meet her awesome boyfriend again, but we were joined by another one of our dearest friends from high school and her husband.


My favorite picture of Sara and I…even though you can’t see our faces.

Sara and Ben recently moved back to Asheville, although they both graduated from UNC-Asheville. I couldn’t be happier that they did, because since they’ve been back, we have had a great time catching up and bonding again. Last night was no exception, since we went to one of the most popular places in Asheville to eat, drink, and listen to music: Lexington Avenue Brewery (LAB, if you’re a local). We enjoyed local brews, good food, and wonderful conversation as we all learned about each others lives. It had been awhile since Paige, Sara, and I had been in the same place–but it was an incredible reunion.

A lot of people reflect on their high school years, and there seems to be two knee-jerk reactions: it was either your glory days, or the worst four years of your life. I can’t relate to either of these sentiments–I remember high school as being gratuitously dramatic, but a pretty good time. I had good friends and loved school in general (big nerd), so I survived pretty unscathed. Would I say it was the best time of my life? Um, absolutely not. Far from it. But, I can say that I made some of the best choices I have made–keeping in touch and staying close friends with some very important people that I met during that incredibly awkward time of adolescence. Although we are all over the country these days, I will always hold the girls and guys that kept me together in our small, bible-thumping town near and dear to my heart. I’m so excited that I get to share my new life with all my friends–from high school, college, and beyond–and also that I get to share it with all of you that read along with my adventures.

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