Grand opening of Number104 Gallery in the River Arts District

One thing that I truly love about art is that so much of it is subjective–beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, and people get excited about different things. I get excited about images that spark creativity and capture unique moments–visions and ideas that I may have never dreamed of, let alone been able to capture with a paintbrush or a camera. Although I dabble with taking pictures on my Droid, I am definitely not a photographer, and contrary to my students’ incredibly kind beliefs, I am no artist. That’s why I have a very strong, genuine appreciation for actual artists whose portfolio does not contain solely pictures of themselves and their girlfriends at bars or a doodle of a cat wearing a batman costume (which is all mine would possess).

Asheville is constantly bubbling over with talent of all varieties–musicians, jewelry artists, sculptors, painters, potters, and photographers. I was able to enjoy the latter last night at the grand opening of GD Whalen‘s gallery, Number104, in the River Arts District. Besides being apart of such an exciting neighborhood, this gallery has a LOT going for it. Whalen has an exceptional eye for landscapes–his images capture the colors and emotions in places you couldn’t even imagine. 

Last night’s grand opening provided an excellent atmosphere with delicious food from Mela and amazing music from local musician Ben Hovey. With great food and an incredible music, a sensational environment was created in such an awesome gallery space. It was easy to get lost into the landscape-focused photography with smooth sounds and a glass of wine. The entire gallery was buzzing with excitement for Whalen and his team–this gallery offers a fresh, breath-taking variety of beautiful photography.

Next time you are in the River Arts District, you absolutely MUST stop into this gallery. Whalen is extremely personable and enjoys talking about his work, which is refreshing. They are open Tuesday-Saturday, and are located at 191 Lyman St, Suite 104, Asheville. Go out there and appreciate all the fine art Asheville has to offer!


My sister & I at the grand opening of Number104 Gallery

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