Pour one out tonight for my beloved first house in Asheville.

When I first moved to Asheville, I had no idea what was waiting for me in terms of a job, relationships, and what my life would become here. I did know that upon my arrival, I would be greeted by my sister, my new “nephew” puppy, and an adorable house located in West Asheville. It was the biggest space I had lived in since I left my parents’ house, and my mom & sister had painted its walls bright, beautiful colors that welcomed me to my new city. It became more than a house to me, but a home, and stayed that way until I started getting serious with Craig (whose home I would move into in South Asheville).


A roommate AND a sister. Lucky girls.


Epic dance parties held in the living room. Often replicated, never duplicated.


My sweet baby nephew as a baby boy on our porch. He would destroy this porch merely months later.


I could even fit a rockin’ band in my living room!!


Plenty of room in my bedroom for numerous outfit changes, laughs, and space for my best girls


Awesome porch, almost designed for debauchery


Living room also duplicated as a crash space for my best pals


A kitchen to create, entertain, and enjoy


And a pretty spiffy retro feel to it, when clean 😉

This house was more than my first home in Asheville–it was a declaration of my new life and a new beginning. It was the perfect first house for a lady who was ready to embark on a new adventure, with great location and amazing vibes. I had some of the best times I’ve ever had in that house, and today has been incredibly bittersweet–I moved out of my beloved house on Waynesville Avenue this morning, and am officially living in South Asheville with Craig. Do not cry for me or the beloved West Asheville house, dear readers–both it & I are destined for great things. I am beyond ecstatic about OWNING my new house in West Asheville with Craig, and my former West Asheville pad already has some pretty great tenants lined up (that are friends of my sister’s, so I’m sure we can visit Waynesville Ave when we miss it). Shawna is off to New Zealand in March, so the walls of our little green bungalow needed some loyal, awesome new tenants. It seemed like we all needed a change of pace, and I’m glad we’re all getting it.

So thank you to everyone that ever visited me and my little home, that put letters in its mailboxes, that created art and photographs that donned its walls. Thank you to everyone that crashed on my couch or snuggled in my bed or put a tent in the backyard. Thank you to everyone that watched reality tv on my couch, drank wine on my porch, and sang songs in my living room. Thanks to everyone that played with Ollie in our yard, walked to West Asheville destinations from our house, and appreciated how magical one tiny house can be. Thank you to my seestar, who made that Waynesville Ave house a home. And thank you to the house itself–my anchor for arrival to a new city, and one of the reasons Asheville feels like a home to me now.

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