Run, Girl, Run!

The other day I was talking on the phone with one of my best friends in the entire world. Although she called initially for an entire different reason, she was driving to the gym and I had just gotten back from the gym, so naturally we started talking about what we have been doing lately to keep our bodies lookin’ nice. I told her that I was becoming frustrated with my goal of getting back to my personal best running time (5K in 30 minutes), and that it wasn’t coming back to me as quickly as I had hoped. I began running in June, but when the weather got chillier, I hid my sneakers and covered under a blanket instead. 

I never, ever, ever would consider myself to be the LEAST BIT athletic (anyone that knows me can attest to this fact). I danced for 14 years and dabbled in yoga and pilates, but when it came to anything that involved Nikes or a ball, I pass time and time again. I was so glad when I met Craig that he wasn’t some super crazy athlete, but he did have one hobby that I just simply couldn’t relate to–running.

Craig is a GREAT runner. He can run distance, he can run fast. He once ran for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT (because he is a crazy person). When we first started dating, I found this to be absolutely admirable. I, on the other hand, would laugh in the face of a track (please ignore any evidence of my stint in middle school track, it was a facade to be in the yearbook, I ensure you). I would rather skip or dance a mile, and the idea of hitting the pavement for longer than 1 minute seemed impossible. 

I can only blame my entire change of heart about running on the fact that I was a fool in love when Craig said “I want you to run a 5K with me.” I am still that lady in love, and one of the things that I will always thank Craig for is getting be into running. I started a training program (Couch to 5K) in June, and I was absolutely SHOCKED at how successful I was. I would NEVER consider myself a runner, except now…I am. I ran my first 5K in August with a strong time on a difficult course. Finishing that race was one of the most incredible accomplishments of my life.


But then…I fell off the wagon. It got cold. School became more tiring. I became really great at making excuses/plans/etc to get out of my run. And so…my time that I was so proud of became something that got away from me.

So I decided enough was enough–if I can’t run in the cold, I’ll run in heat-controlled rooms. I got a gym membership and do my runs on a treadmill, albeit it was reluctant (I prefer trail running and trees). Right now I’m running a 12 minute mile, which is not a bad time for someone who has never run before, but it’s NOT as good as what I want to be. I want to have a more competitive time, I want to not be so tired after a run. I know this will take time, practice, and dedication–and I want to be held accountable for it. I have some running goals set in 2013.

  • Own a pair of really awesome running shoes that are designed for my feet and running style
  • Run a 5K in May, June, and July
  • Run my first 10K in August or September
  • Run a half-marathon by Christmas

I want to become a better runner, and I want to keep up this hobby. I love the way I feel after a good run, and I also love that I am still toning up (and able to eat WHATEVER I WAAAAANT). So if you have any suggestions, motivation, or anything–let me know! I’d love to hear from you! Also, let me know your favorite area races, and if you would like to join me on a run sometime!

2 thoughts on “Run, Girl, Run!

  1. You can totally do it : ) Just slow and steady! I’m so proud of you and adore that you love running now too. You know me, always up to join you guys for a race. So let me know if you want to get a party going for any that you’re planning! ❤

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