It’s been awhile…

I really can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve had a moment to sit down with just my thoughts and my computer, ready to write on this blog about how wonderful life is. Life is truly wonderful, albeit incredibly busy and intense. I’ll update as much as I can…

On Tuesday, March 5th, my sister hopped on a jet plane & started her journey to New Zealand, which will be her home for the next year. While there, she is going to be a nanny for a (from what I can tell) extremely awesome and adventurous family, that already adores her. Her daily life consists of surfing, managing 3 young boys, and eating really good potato chips. I already miss her like crazy, but I know that this adventure is something she will never regret.

ImageOn Friday, March 8th, we finally closed on our beautiful new home! We moved in on Saturday, the 9th, and life has been crazy ever since. We are so incredibly in love with our new house, and can’t wait until it’s all pieced together to look exactly the way we want. I absolutely despise moving, but getting into such a big, beautiful space makes it so worth it. We had so much help from family and friends, and we continue to feel the love and encouragement from our community here. Thanks to everyone for your time and energy, words and excitement! Housewarming party planning is underway 🙂




ImageSo after all the hubbub and & excitement of moving in, everyone’s favorite holiday arrived….MY BIRTHDAY! I turned 25 on Friday, the 15th, and I have to say it was one of my best celebrations. After a day of fun and parties at school, Craig took me to dinner at The Red Stag where we dined on the best calamari I’ve ever had, a bison new york strip, elk tenderloin, and mac-n-cheese with bacon. It was absolutely delicious, and the ambiance of the restaurant was unique and rustic. A little uptight for our usual taste, but the food was great and they had LIGHT-UP MENUS. Definitely worth a visit if you’re wanting to try somewhere extra fancy (and love some good meat).

After dinner, we went to Sazerac to start the night with cocktails. So many people that I love were able to come and spend some time with me, which is really what I wanted this birthday to be about. Ever since we started moving, we have been so exhausted and busy, we haven’t had much of a social life, but I definitely think we made up for it this weekend. After we were done with our drinks there, we headed to my favorite dive-ish bar,  Dirty South Lounge. I love Dirty South because it is located behind one of Asheville’s most beloved eateries, The Southern. People come from all of over to enjoy The Southern’s lobster mac-n-cheese or their beautiful front patio seating, but a definite treasure is the gritty bar behind such a classy place. I love seeing who chooses to enjoy their beverages in the main restaurant, and who slinks away to the back for cheap whiskey and loud music. I almost always choose the latter, and it was a good choice for my birthday. More people joined us there, and I felt so loved and enjoyed spending time with the wonderful people I’ve met here in Asheville. However, a definite highlight was one of my best friends from college, Alice, attending the festivities (bringing her boyfriend was a great addition). After a Long Island Iced Tea and a couple of shots, it was time for this birthday girl to call it a night. It was a good one.
IMAG1505 (1)

On Saturday, March 17th, I made a big life decision (and big dream come true)…I adopted my own kitty! Her name is Bernadette, and she is a ball of love, affection, and cuteness. She has had some health issues, but thank goodness for pet insurance. You get 30 days of it free if you adopt from the Asheville Humane Society, which I highly suggest…as well as a free wellness exam from your choice of veterinarian. I made the choice of Skyland Animal Hospital, and they have been INCREDIBLE. Bernadette is five years old and was found a stray in a wood pile–despite this, she is extremely affectionate and cuddly. She has been an absolute joy in our home, and Cedric is adjusting great to his new “baby sister”. We are loving having 2 cats in our new house…it is really starting to feel like a home.



On Thursday, March 21st, Craig turned 25! To celebrate, I made him beef hearts over arugula, and yesterday we had a barbeque with his co-workers and parents. It was a good time, but now that everyone is gone, I am just enjoying this time with my writing, my kitty at my feet, and hearing Craig work diligently in the garage.

So, things are pretty sweet in these parts. I’m so sorry it has been so long–I promise to not disappear like that again. Well…I’ll TRY not to 🙂

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