Updates, updates, updates!

So sorry for my absence–I have been feeling super behind all my writing commitments, including my writing for The Asheville Post and, of course, this blog. But I will make a couple updates so you all know I’m not avoiding you all (although I might be avoiding one or two of you. Just kidding!).

This month has been a bit of a blur from the start. My students graduated on June 6th, and it was simultaneously wonderful and devastating (for me, not for them). One of my sweet kiddos reminded me in our farewell embrace that this was a time “to be happy and sad”, and after the water works stopped flowing, I completely agreed. I am so fortunate to work with such unique, smart, and fantastic children–and my next batch of kids are just as great! It’s just always hard to say good-bye to good friends.


After drying up my tears, it was time to get down and dirty for my first 5K of the year (only 6 months into the year…). Craig & I ran in the Riverbound Race Series at Warren Wilson College. It was a challenging–but rewarding!–race. I had a great time and even though I was up to my knees in mud, it was a great time. They have another 5K (and a half marathon!) in September–anyone wanna commit to running through the woods with me?



The weekend following our race, we had the opportunity to celebrate the love and commitment between two of my favorite people in the entire world, Erinn and Kim. I was a reader in their ceremony, and I must say that being apart of their special day was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. Being able to witness such beautiful, passionate love between two individuals is so powerful, and I was honored to not only be in their wedding, but to call these ladies two of my closest friends. It is because of them that I feel community, opportunity, and confidence in this beautiful community of Asheville, and I will forever be grateful for their guidance and friendship. After a ca-ray-zay bachelorette party that took us all over downtown (The Laughing Seed, Thirsty Monk Downtown, and Smokey’s After Dark, to namedrop a couple places), their beautiful wedding was held at the breathtaking Compassionate Expressions Mountain Inn and Healing Sanctuary. Talk about an amazing venue! The views were stupendous, the layout of the entire area was ideal, and their pavillion sure can handle a lot of dancing fools. Erinn & Kim did an amazing job, as did everyone else that helped in their big day. I had a wonderful time, and am still giddy about Erinn and Kim’s love. It’s a beautiful thing, y’all!



1020233_10100721054687718_1502429542_o 1020916_10100724051302478_1104261641_o


The rest of my time away from my beloved blog has been spent celebrating wonderful friends and family, including the birth of my dear gal pal Ella, and the official paternal celebration of my dadoo.

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Thank you to all my friends that keep reading, and I promise to be better about updates soon!

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