“If I had your luck, I’m sure things would have turned out different,” is something both of my parents say to me frequently. I know what they’re referring to–the full restaurants that suddenly have a tabletop for 2, walking into a Lululemon and receiving a free $80 yoga mat, not burning the house down when I was 17 when I left hot oil on the stove (don’t ask).

One of my best friends, Meggie, and I joke that if we teamed up for a presidential election, we could rule the world. Our luck combined is that of legend–one time we were driving aimlessly on a road in St. Augstine, incredibly hungover and desperate for a grocery store. GPS had failed us and we felt like we were on a wild goose chase. Exasperated and barely functioning, one of us decided that Meggie should just make the first turn she could and we would head back the other way. When she turned onto the road, just a few feet down was a Publix, awaiting us with aisles of chips and Tylenol. “This kind of thing could only happen to us,” Meggie said as we parked.

There have been many instances in my life where “luck” seems to have come into play. There is an endless list of free drinks and food, not getting caught, and getting exactly what I needed at exactly the moment I needed it. I’m not sure how much I believe is luck–I mean, I am Irish afterall–or how much of it is the universe constantly giving me a hand. I think it’s something bigger.

I was looking through my Facebook pictures today (I know, I know) and just kept thinking “This is awesome. I’m so lucky”. I caught myself and immediately remembered my parents, who have deemed me as the “lucky daughter” for a long time. I started to think a little bit more about why I felt lucky, I realized that so much of that “luck” comes from the great choices I have made. I made the choice to sign up for dance again. I made the choice to respond to a cute boy with a silly screenname on a dating web site. I made the choice to surround myself with really adventurous, courageous individuals who are more likely to say “HELL YES” than “I don’t know”. I made the choice to heed many of my parents’ great life advice (that bit took a little longer, though). And so if so much of life is about choice, and not so much luck, where does that leave people who always feel like life is never going right? To the people who feel “unlucky”?

I think so much of the good things that come in our life not only happen because of the Universe, but ultimately that we are making good, positive choices in areas of our life. Whether in be in relationships, health, career, what have you, it’s easy to find luck if you’re looking. It’s easy to find joy if you’re looking. It’s also easy to find awfulness and chaos, if you want that to.

So for now, I am going to bask in my “luckiness”, and the people and things that have come into play because of it. I may never need a four-leaf clover or to permanently attach Meggie to my hip (although that would probably be fun for a day or so), but I will always try to stay positive and search for the luck in every situation.

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