This Galentine’s Day…

I want to take the time out of the stress of finding the perfect present for your sweetie, the anguish of making plans so you don’t feel shitty on the dumbest night to be single ofthe year, and the torture of pink and red EVERYTHING (just kidding, I kind of like that part) to remind all the ladies something…

you are awesome.

1798862_10101061090662898_14227894_n 10302455_764044342448_3750151220450053438_n 10428911_10101179303897628_1005349227_n 10633545_10152485327980765_7444054609767563961_o 10940636_828323330540240_2816253089105757050_n 10947269_10101520117993448_6652710430212195231_nYou are incredible, strong, complex creatures that stir creativity and excitement into myself and everyone you meet. You challenge others to be the best version of themselves and have high expectations for the joy you deserve to receive in your life. When some people tell you “you can’t”, you turn it around to say “I WILL.”

10857916_841141172604649_739784636301806681_n 10805503_10101406255998798_653234805_n 10736031_10101382544127578_1620701667_n 10728756_10101373359274098_2024691823_n 10596158_10101268622507418_2044575572_nYou care deeply for the world, and you’re making a difference in all the ways you can. Your heart is too large to only encompass your body–it overflows into every move you make, every action you do to motivate and encourage others that are lucky enough to surround you. You have visions for a more beautiful place to live and grow, and with women like you, that world is feasible.

10685341_10101446360673708_2245894272843680700_n 10643181_10101314393816348_1366386286_n 10621814_10101292267841978_393598980_n 10620890_10101338835949118_362052880_n 10603522_843613535690746_6335925761697770670_n

Your talents are immeasurable. You are some of the most brilliant, hilarious, charismatic, personable, incredible humans I have ever had the pleasure to meet. You’re amazing cooks, thrilling performers, hard workers, and snappy dressers. Your interests are wide and varied, and not only does that make you interesting, it truly makes you DYNAMIC. You are so multifaceted that your skills make you such deep, amazing individuals. It’s inspiring.

10410151_843612949024138_4944932882832619543_n 10965437_10101527538352988_175673252_n 10943515_10101521759508838_918073597_n 10885369_10101478592161548_4252453797543801916_n

14214_10102561054652843_1585326033119181232_n 1472724_717824584967214_5869661912669171601_n


You are well-versed and well-traveled. You have seen what the world can offer, and are still not afraid to still find solace in home. You respect others and always try to speak with kindness first (and I know it’s hard, because I struggle with it too). You look for the best in others, but don’t let the bad ones walk all over you. You are firm in your beliefs, but not too stubborn to let someone guide you to new ideas.



992548_10100916344210948_1359959155_n 1232380_10100840369968938_329654762_n 10556536_2178893107909_932228586759175303_n 10529500_10101227196854758_1205384399_n 10516799_10101374732437268_2893613064292573366_n10734261_10101387267451998_5272342541259313166_n 10478001_10101198687303128_1356412927_n

You work hard at your job, on your health, and on your relationships. You cherish your partners, you seek out friendships, and you covet the love you cultivate. You honor your promises and take care of your family. You have worked your ass off to get to the place you’re at right now–even if it’s not where you thought you’d be, or even if it’s not exactly where you want to be. You should know that I love you–right here in the moment you’re in now.

10470764_484306951708676_3726710275791552315_o 10466940_10101187506963618_938118024_n1483366_10100989996311548_1904625930_n1560376_10100989995987198_1303766920_n 10435136_10101216898732278_3216403890502414978_n

10947530_10101514490331328_1852369048_n 10405982_10101269810930808_899347436_n 10402903_10152499331652534_2952778749280412904_n

Above many things, you are FUN. Like, the most fun. You are some of the world’s best travel companions, trouble makers, and party instigators. You make me and so many others laugh until we cry. You have different things about you that make you hilarious–your sarcasm, your wit, your slapstick ability, understanding your own humility.

10402562_785178509408_8876454286593250519_n 10363388_818195857378_7119374937339088190_n 10357817_10101446362060928_6651642603665181347_n 10339037_10101159469431058_1470681058_n 10327062_10101126831058618_1546218682_n

You are fearless in matters of the heart, and I respect that with everything I have. As an over-analyzer, I’m constantly wondering if trusting my gut is as good a move as trusting my logic, and you all encourage me that a little bit of both is the best way to go. You provide fantastic advice, listen to mine when you ask for it (and sometimes when you don’t), and are the best sounding boards anyone could ask for.

10311941_10101126835514688_1309092808_n 10013053_10101075973148278_510077_n 1661985_10101061753798968_995362231_n 1655044_10101075974859848_2076922037_n 1524602_10152468604880925_16672417186139443_nMost of all, you take care of me. You nurture me and appreciate my flaws, highlight my successes, and honor my heart. You guide me and put up with me, laugh at my jokes and hold my hand when shit hits the fan. You let me rant about my enemies and gush about my partner. You sit on my couch and eat potato chips, you go out to a fancy dinner, you go out dancing with me at a skeezy bar, because you know I love to dance. You come to my shows, you give me gifts, you buy me queso. You tell me I’m beautiful. You tell me I’m smart. You tell me I’m enough, just the way I am.

And I want you to know that you’re perfect the way you are, too. I love you and am so happy you’re in my life. Thank you for all you do, and all you will continue to do as we grow and evolve together.

Happy Galentine’s Day, girlfrands.

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