What We Ate Last Week: 2/8-2/14, 2015

I got such a positive response from posting my dinner menu last week, I thought I would share it all again! We enjoyed lots of tastiness, a variety of flavors and ingredients, and not enduring the cold weather outside.

Monday, February 8th


Thoughts & adjustments: First of all, I used a cup of quinoa rather than a cup of couscous because ~someone~in my house claims to dislike couscous (when we were eating this yummy dish and I asked him the last time he even tried couscous, he said he couldn’t remember! I’ll get him to like that grain!). I adjusted the spices a bit (adding more than suggested), but it contributed to a very flavorful, yummy dish that we enjoyed as leftovers for a couple more days. I enjoyed the variety of veggies & meats hanging out together.

Tuesday, February 9th


Thoughts & adjustments: These tasty little guys were my contribution to a book club meeting. My girl Laura shared this recipe with me, and it was one of her strongest finds. As I was gathering my ingredients, I realized that I only owned one normal muffin tin, but 2 mini-cupcake tins, so these turned into mini taco cupcakes. If you check out the recipe, that means I only made one layer rather than two. All my book club ladies said they liked the bite size option, and topped these treats with fresh pico de gallo, sour cream, and chopped cilantro. I would try this recipe again, but without a time constraint, I would make my own refried beans (check out my favorite from scratch recipe here). A crowd pleaser, for sure.

Wednesday, February 10th


Thoughts & adjustments: During busy weeks, Craig & I indulge on Blue Apron boxes (which you should totally try!). Not only are the recipes delicious, they are fun to replicate on your own. This was one of my most favorite recipes that was given, but I made a few adjustments. I used ground turkey rather than ground beef, eliminated the almonds, and couldn’t find a chipotle pepper in adobo sauce, so substituted some good salsa. Regardless, this is a easy, tasty dish that highlights some yummy veggies. Simple & delicious.

Thursday, February 11th

Thoughts & adjustments: This was a pretty fast meal, and I was able to serve it for four of us. Marinating the steak is key to keep in some of those traditional Greek flavors. I followed the potato recipe pretty closely, but threw in 1/2 cup of grated parmesean cheese (because I mean, why not?). Everyone gushed over the potatoes. The asparagus was simple and added a good contrast to the potatoes. A great ensemble of dishes if you are a lover of Greek food.

Saturday, February 14th


Thoughts & adjustments: Lobster tail is a traditional Valentine’s Day meal, and that tradition does not skip our house. Rather than fighting others for reservations, Craig and I enjoy cooking together on the sappiest day of the year. I must admit that we had a bit of a pasta disaster (heart raviolis are tougher than they look!), hence the store-bought tortellinis, but we made our favorite salad dressing to go alongside our favorite part of the lobster. Lobster tail shouldn’t be for just V-Day though–enjoy it throughout the year (Earthfare often has lobster tail deals every month or so).

It was a very tasty, vibrant week of meals at our house. Let me know what you’re going to try, I look forward to hearing your adjustments and ideas!

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