Stitch Fix #10!

If you have ever complimented an article of my clothing, at this point 80% of the time I chipe in that it came in a Stitch Fix box. I love this service, and think it is extremely helpful for bizzay ladies like myself. Not sure how Stitch Fix works? Let me explain real quick, or you can check out my first review:

You get a Stitch Fix account. You fill out a detailed, wide-encompassing style profile explaining what you like, what makes you feel confident, etc. From there, you are assigned your own personal stylist that hooks you up with 5 super unique pieces. This service costs a $20 styling fee. Once your items have been shipped and you receive them on the date of your choosing, you have three days to play around with the items. Try them on, pair them with things you already have–just don’t rip off the tags! Love just a few items? You pay for only the things you keep, and deduct the $20 styling fee from your total. All you have to do is plop the things you don’t want to keep in a prepaid envelope and ship it back in your mailbox. Love it all? Enjoy a 25% discount on TOP of deducting the styling fee. It’s pretty much the sweetest deal.

So now that you get how it works, let me show you how my November Stitch Fix turned out!


Gilli Rinna Dress, $54

1 2

For this Fix, I asked my stylist for some pieces that were simultaneously Grandma-appropriate and Vegas-ready, since my whole family is traveling to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving holiday to see my forementioned Grandma. I asked specifically for a cute dress, and this is what my stylist–Alexis–sent me. It was pretty cute–flattering in the chest and waist, but I was struggling with the length. Since this was a standard size, not a petite, I felt like it hit me in kind of a matronly spot of my body. Also, I feel like I’ve seen this print a million times (potentially even a couple of times in my closet). So, overall choice?

Send back.

MoVint Andrea Faux Leather Detail Skirt, $74


When I saw that I was getting a leather skirt, I immediately assumed I was going to hate it. In fact, I text my fellow Stitch Fix lover/BFF Meggie and said “I’M GETTING A LEATHER SKIRT?? UHHHH” when I saw it was coming. I’m honestly so glad Alexis sent this my way–it is one of the most flattering skirts I’ve tried! My stylist suggested pairing it with this pink top that I’ve received in a previous fix. Although I’m not super sure about the combo, I am certain about one thing…this skirt was a:


Mak Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan, $38


I almost always buy the cardigans/sweaters when Alexis sends me one, so I’m not surprised she sent this one my way. However, I felt like the color and overall look of the cardigan was not justifiable of the $40 price tag. Another funny thing–this cardigan was labeled as “3/4 sleeved”. Since I have T-Rex arms, and this wasn’t a petite size, the sleeves were full length. Also, I bought a cardigan in a similar color from Forever 21 like, a month ago. In fact, I’m wearing it now! So, at this time, I had to:

Send back.

Loveappella Michelle Cross Back Knit Top, $48



Although it is almost always my inclination to buy anything with my name in the description (I was an avid My Michelle shopper as a precocious tween with a love for matching separates), this top was falling just short of being worth the price tag. I have a thing for florals (as Alexis knows, which is why she sent me this after seeing a similar pin on my Pinterest board), and the comfort of this shirt was out the roof. The back design was cute too. And it was a good length. Ugh, am I going to regret my choice?? It’s too late, because it is officially labeled as:

Send back.

41 Hawthorn Presley Colorblock Button-Back Sweater, $68



I literallly squealed when I pulled this out of my box. I freaking LOVE sweaters, but as a busty gal, it’s very hard to find one that flatters and doesn’t make me look like a bulky mess. The button detailing in the back makes this stand out, as well as the color blocking. The length of the sleeves was just right (covering the bottom of my palms) and I loved the way it felt. It was with great joy that I


Overall I felt like this was a pretty successful box. My main critique was that only a couple of the pieces seemed super dynamic–a few of these I felt I could easily pick up at an H&M. In order to justify the boutique prices, I think it’s important for the clothes to be unique. I will say that Alexis almost always nails my style and sizes, especially this time around. I will love Stitch Fix forever, and reluctantly pushed my next box until after the holidays are over (damn my giving nature!).

Are you amped about some Stitch Fix? You should be! Get your first box and use my referral code–you’ll help me out and I will gladly help you decide what you should keep in your first box! Just click the link to get started:

Also, I should apologize for my sleepy eyes in all these pictures–I decided a photoshoot in my bedroom while Craig was out hunting was the best use of my early Saturday morning. 😉

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