Meet Michelle



Photo by Andrea Coon Photography

Michelle is a not-close-to-20-anymore-but-not-yet-30-year old living and laughing in Asheville, NC with her amazing & handsome husband, two precious kitties, and a whole coop full of chickens.


Photo by Christy Haygood Photography

A 2010 graduate of Appalachian State University, she has spent the majority of her life writing and exploring. She loves singing and music, food, fashion, and the company of amazing folks. She enjoys a good run, a good beer, and a good knock-knock joke–not necessarily all at the same time. She is a dance instructor and performer with Christine Garvin Dance + Transform, practices yoga throughout the city, and loves her book club. She serves as a board member for Anam Cara Theatre Company, where her love of the bizarre, the arts, and social justice melt into one.


Photo by Andrea Coon Photography

Michelle has worked as a writer for online magazine The Asheville Post, and has been a featured writer on the popular NYC-based blog, Confessions of a Love Addict. Her posts about body positivity and female empowerment have been shared across the world, highlighting the importance and beauty that is being a feminist millenial in an ever-changing society.

If you would like to contact Michelle for freelance opportunities, please contact her at [at] gmail [dot] com.

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