Give Me All the Subscription Boxes: Lyon + Post

It is no surprise to the people who know me that when it comes to subscription boxes, I just can’t get enough. I am pretty dang satisfied with other people doing the work for me–whether it’s finding work-out clothes or menu planning, I am all about some treats in the mail.

My friend Sara sent me a referral code and the always-important review (“Oh my God, this is my favorite thing”), and I’m a sucker for people mailing me clothes to try on in the comfort of my own home, so I took the bait.


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Stitch Fix #10!

If you have ever complimented an article of my clothing, at this point 80% of the time I chipe in that it came in a Stitch Fix box. I love this service, and think it is extremely helpful for bizzay ladies like myself. Not sure how Stitch Fix works? Let me explain real quick, or you can check out my first review:

You get a Stitch Fix account. You fill out a detailed, wide-encompassing style profile explaining what you like, what makes you feel confident, etc. From there, you are assigned your own personal stylist that hooks you up with 5 super unique pieces. This service costs a $20 styling fee. Once your items have been shipped and you receive them on the date of your choosing, you have three days to play around with the items. Try them on, pair them with things you already have–just don’t rip off the tags! Love just a few items? You pay for only the things you keep, and deduct the $20 styling fee from your total. All you have to do is plop the things you don’t want to keep in a prepaid envelope and ship it back in your mailbox. Love it all? Enjoy a 25% discount on TOP of deducting the styling fee. It’s pretty much the sweetest deal.

So now that you get how it works, let me show you how my November Stitch Fix turned out!


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Chronicles of a Stitch Fix Addict: Box #2

Hello all! As most of you know, I am a bit of a shopaholic. That self-proclamation aside, I do hate that term, and I don’t like its implication that I’m a woman who doesn’t know how to spend wisely–I definitely do. I just know that I like seeing my money where I can see it–my closet (not my original quote, obvi).

I’ve written at length about my love of local Asheville boutiques, finding great gems at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx, and how much fashion and clothing inspires me. I have never been the type of person to roll up anywhere in sweats–I’m chronically overdressed, and damn proud of it. I am super excited to talk about my newest clothing related obsession–Stitch Fix.

I’m sure you’ve gotten the notifications on your Facebook feed before–vague images of boxes and the promise of a personal stylist. Being intrigued by the minimalism and the idea of someone picking out all my clothes for me, I’ve checked out Stitch Fix a few times in the past couple years, but never really committed. It wasn’t until my fabulous co-worker, Nina, told me about her experience–she loved the convenience, idea, and what they sent her. I gave in and signed up.

When you first sign-up for Stitch Fix, you fill out a questionnaire about your sizes, taste, and day-to-day wear. It’s lengthy, but for good reason–Stitch Fix is determined to send you 5 articles of clothing that best fits your taste. When your first box arrives at your door step, you get to try on everything in the comfort of your own (properly lit) dressing room, and avoid the terribleness that is most dressing room mirrors and lighting. You only pay for what you want to keep–and if you keep everything, there’s a steep discount of 25% off it all. I got my first box about a month ago and kept a gorgeous cobalt blue top and a new gold statement necklace. I had originally planned to receive a box once a month, but after such a great first experience, I upped the frequency to every 2-3 weeks.

What I’ve discovered is that it curbs my impulse shopping–I am less tempted to make a quick run to the mall or Marshall’s. I’m less intrigued by browsing online for hours. I’ve also found that stylist, Alexis, is super observant and knows my style pretty well through my questionnaire (she also follows my Pinterest board, which I love). I am so excited about this  service that I want to share my second fix with you!

imageimage (5)

First item of discussion: this floral top by Daniel Rainn. As soon as I pulled it out of the box, Craig said “I love that!”. It is the first item Stitch Fix has sent to me in petite size, which is amazing. Petite sizes are a new launch for them which makes my life so much easier. It fit really well with a nice flow. Knew I was gonna keep it as soon as it met my body. 😉

image (1)

These zipper leggings by Rune were also a must-have. I put them on first to try on the tops, and it was love. I would wear them with everything if I could, and they’re going to be a great Spring transitional piece. I love the zipper detailing that makes them different, and the material is thicker so I won’t feel pantsless.

image (6) image (2)

My stylist, Alexis, sent me this top because I had recently pinned an open-back shirt on my fashion Pinterest board. This top by Coulourworks is the softest, greatest shirt! I love the material, and the back design makes it nice enough to wear to work or out. I opened the back part out more in the picture to show the detailing, so it won’t be that wide in real life, but the peek of the split is awesome. Keepin’ it!

image (3)

I struggled with this dress by Rune. It fit a little largely, which didn’t come across super flattering. I loved the material of the dress, however, and the pockets made it a tough one to turn down. Ultimately, I found the color to be a little drab and the cut to be not for me, so I passed. Not a terrible dress, just not a dress for me.

image (4)

These bracelets from Bancroft were also a tough combo to pass up, but I couldn’t justify their cost with the commonness of their design. I feel like I’ve seen both of these bracelets at other places, and they just didn’t look nice enough to commit to the purchase.

Ultimately, I ended up with 3 really great pieces that made me excited for my next fix. Since it’s only my second box, my stylist is still getting to know me, but so far she has done an amazing job taking note of my taste, lifestyle, and overall excitement for the service. One of the craziest things to me about Stitch Fix is since they have my measurements, everything fits so well. I have never had to return something because it didn’t fit–it simply is based on if I like it or not. These folks really know their garments and how it fits on women’s bodies, and that is so awesome to me.

I would love to have more friends try Stitch Fix! If this is something you want to give a whirl, please use my referral code! You can access it , or just go to: . I would love to hear about your experience, and also just make your life easier in general. I have talked to folks who use Stitch Fix because they hate to shop, and I have talked to folks who have used it because they love to shop , and everyone has enjoyed it. Let me know if you give it a whirl!

I would love to have more friends try Stitch Fix! If this is something you want to give a whirl, please use my referral code! You can access it here, or just go to: . I would love to hear about your experience, and also just make your life easier in general. I have talked to folks who use Stitch Fix because they hate to shop, and I have talked to folks who have used it because they love to shop too much, and everyone has enjoyed it. Let me know if you give it a whirl!

You Saucy Minx, You.

Ok, there’s no way around this fact–I love clothes. I love fashion blogs, repinning dream outfits on Pinterest, and stalking dresses on a wide range of online stores. I take a lot of pride in how I dress, and it has taken years of trial (and a LOT of error) to find a style that makes me feel confident and excited to see the world. I have a strong opinion that you feel as good as you look, so on even your worst days, a cute outfit can pull it all together. Even if you’re feeling down in the dumps, getting out of sweatpants and into something that makes you feel fabulous can do wonders for your mood. But, I digress.

My fashion sense means a lot to me, and I’m very specific about my style. My wardrobe comes from lots of different stores–a lot comes from Goodwill, because a lot of my style comes from old school patterns and flattering cuts from the past. Some things come from GAP, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters–common chains that provide good basics and excellent sales. However, my favorite things in my closet come from boutiques in downtown stores. My love for boutiques developed in college, where a local store became where most of my clothes came from (and money went to). I loved having dresses, skirts, and tops that were unique and not found anywhere else. I started making it a necessity to visit local boutiques whenever I visited a city, and try to ignore the chains that I could get anywhere. Buying local is the only way to be, honestly.

Alright, alright, I’m getting to my point–Asheville has AMAZING boutiques sprinkled throughout downtown, its various neighborhoods, and even a couple tucked into the Asheville Mall. However, my favorite would have to be Minx–an amazing boutique located on Lexington Avenue. 


Image courtesy of Minx’s web site

My girl Bonnie & I were in dire need of a good shopping trip. Winter blues are equivalent to fashion slumps, and I was not immune to such despair. Okay, I’m being overly dramatic, but any excuse to go into Minx is good enough for me.

Whenever I go (which is often), the girls that work there are incredibly professional, fashionable, and kind. Someone always welcomes you when you walk in, no matter how crowded the store is. The colors of the store are bright and cheery (an excellent contrast from the dark, crowded stores in malls) and the dresses are arranged by similar colors and patterns. I truly believe there is something for any occasion at this store–date dresses, work tops, sexy ensembles for nights out…whatever! So many styles are celebrated in this store, and whether you’re into vintage, trends, or classic styles, you will definitely find something. As you are shopping, the ladies of Minx come up and ask you how you’re doing, what you’re looking for, or if they can start a dressing room for you. It never, ever comes across as pushy or uncomfortable–you feel like you’re shopping with some super helpful girlfriends.

Once you’ve made your try-on selections, the most fun begins. A lot of times, trying on clothes can cause a lot of anxiety–for a lot of women, shopping can reaffirm some negative thoughts that they already have about their bodies, and that is no fun. Shopping and trying to find things that flatter your body and show off your assets (any and all puns intended) should create confidence, and the girls at Minx help you with that. When you walk out of your dressing room, the Minx girls offer any and all advice you would ever need. They are so genuine in their compliments–it never comes across as phoney just so they can make a sale. They are also very considerate and honest if something doesn’t look that great on you–they offer suggestions for new styles, patterns and colors that may flatter your body better in a way that doesn’t make you feel bad or uncomfortable. These girls must have some psychology backgrounds or something–but they’re probably just really, really good at their job.

I ended up with three dresses that I loved yesterday, and enjoyed spending time with my friend and having fun conversations with the Minx girls that were working on a chilly Monday afternoon. I always have such an incredible experience shopping at Minx, and I want you to have an excellent time too, so here are a couple of tips:

  • It is a local boutique that features many designers and brands, but these designers and brands can sometimes come with a hefty price tag. Expect to pay somewhere between $40-$65 dollars on an amazing dress, top, or bottom–but they have many things that are lower in price, as well.
  • Do NOT neglect their accessories! They have incredible bags, shoes, jewelry, socks, and tights to complete any look you create at the store. I repeat–these Minx girls are super helpful and love to complete outfits with you, so don’t hesitate to ask for help!
  • Be sure to check out their sales rack near the back of the store, next to the dressing room entrance-way. They always have a nice selection, and everything on the rack is 40% off!
  • If you love Minx but aren’t overwhelmed with anything in the store, be sure to check out their website–besides some of their more expensive items and a few accessories, the clothes on their site are different from what’s inside the Lexington Avenue location. You can even pick-up the items at the store, and return them with a return approval code. Ask any of the ladies at Minx for more information, and definitely check out their web site and blog for fashion inspiration.

If you’re in the mood for a dress that will wow everyone at a party, a flattering skirt for a presentation, or just a cute top for your daily routine, please visit Minx! It is an incredible store (my favorite, remember?) and you won’t regret it. Check them out at 64 N. Lexington Ave (in downtown Asheville), 7 days a week! Go out & get ’em, you saucy minxes! ❤