Our Holiday Show is Almost Here!

Holy cow, y’all–I can’t believe it myself, but my dance troupe’s holiday show at The Orange Peel is almost here! We will be performing for ONE-NIGHT ONLY on December 5th. It is a seated, ticketed show highlighting not only our incredible dance moves, but other amazing local acts such as burlesque, hooping, puppetry, live music…AHHHH!


I have worked on a variety of shows for years, and this show has definitely put me to the test. I’ve been balancing a full-time workload with the desire to only email businesses asking them for donations, rehearsing each week, spending lots of time making marketing materials, and–most importantly–staying optimistic about the success of our show. I really don’t think people realize how much work, time, and money it takes to put on shows of this caliber–no matter how dazzling the final result may be, it took so much from so many people to make it happen. I am so fortunate for my fellow dancers for their dedication, creativity, and patience–there is nothing like a high pressure situation to remind you that you’re part of a team.

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Not only is this production an extreme labor of love, there is a very strong emotional attachment–it is our final performance as dance troupes. Lots of people have asked me how I feel about this, and honestly, it has been a process of dealing with my emotions. I’m at a point where I’m excited for this chapter to not end, but rather diverge into a new story–I know that my dance journey is far from over, and I’m elated to see what happens next. There are so many incredible changes waiting to unfold for me this year, and I feel like my dance troupe experience ending is making room for those changes to truly flourish. Being an optimist can be exhausting, but it also make change so much easier.


We have worked on choreography on our routines since September, and I cannot wait to bring back some of my personal favorites (Mean Girls! Dick in a Box!) and also be apart of some new gems. Our rehearsals have become so focused, and we all have the same objective: to put on the best damn show this city has ever seen. It is so much fun to grow as a dancer alongside some of my favorite women.


I have also been able to explore some marketing skills that I have been wanting to hone for a long time. We had a photoshoot in August (thanks to Rodney of Tempus Fugit Designs), and I was able to take the individual shots and transform them into “playing cards” of each girl–this will be part of our viral marketing, where folks may find our cards scattered throughout Asheville. A little intriguing messaging never hurt 😉 We also spent an evening downtown Asheville filming a trailer for our show, which I directed alongside an amazing creative team. I am really excited about the final result, and can’t wait to start sharing it with the world!


All of this has culminated into a deeper understanding of my life purpose. Being a part of an incredible community of strong, creative women has molded me in ways I didn’t know was possible. I have seen the support and love from my incredible partner, friends, and family. I feel like I have been put on earth to celebrate and honor community, and help cultivate that with others. Through leadership, humor, and a passion for progressive change, I feel like being a part of this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. I am bringing forward a production that showcases unique, diverse women, our dynamic mountain city, and encouraging a love of the arts. It is a joy to share this with everyone, and I am anxiously awaiting December 5th!


I would really love to have you at our holiday show–truly & deeply. You can get tickets here, and I recommend getting them soon–we are expected to sell out! If anything, your support of celebrating powerful, sexy, and wonderful women is greatly appreciated, and goes further than you’ll ever truly know.

All photos by Rodney Smith of Tempus Fugit Design

Videography by Rudy Aguilar

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