Riverbound Race Series 5K!

I made a commitment to myself (and anyone that would listen) that I would run a 5K in June, July, and August (potentially an 8K if I can find one), a 10K by September, and a half by December/January! And I did part one of my journey–I did my 5K for June!Image

It was one of the hardest runs I’ve ever had. I’ve been training only on the treadmill, and I have to tell all my running friends that YOU WERE RIGHT–it was totally shitty going from machine to rugged terrain. Also, it has been raining in Asheville for the past week orso, so the trail was MUDDY and SLICK. Super difficult. But, super gorgeous. The race was on the farmland of Warren Wilson College, and it was worth the toughness of the course to admire the beautiful scenery and feel like Pocohantas running through the woods. If youare looking for a new place to run, I highly suggest this area.

I didn’t place, but I had a great time and am super excited for my next race in July. I need a good one for August–any suggestions, Asheville runners? 


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