Give Me All the Subscription Boxes: Lyon + Post

It is no surprise to the people who know me that when it comes to subscription boxes, I just can’t get enough. I am pretty dang satisfied with other people doing the work for me–whether it’s finding work-out clothes or menu planning, I am all about some treats in the mail.

My friend Sara sent me a referral code and the always-important review (“Oh my God, this is my favorite thing”), and I’m a sucker for people mailing me clothes to try on in the comfort of my own home, so I took the bait.


Lyon + Post works a little differently than other clothing subscription boxes, like Stitch Fix. While I found their price points to be similar, you choose pieces on your own from the website. You place these items in what they call a “queue”, and they send you a shipment containing 4 pieces at a time. The service is totally free. Once you receive your shipment, you have 7 days to try things on and send back what doesn’t work. Similar to Stitch Fix, you only pay for what you want to keep, but ship back the things you don’t in a pre-paid envelope. Super easy!

I decided to give it a try (plus, since I used Sara’s referral link I got $30 to spend!), and here are the results!



Leeron skirt in Bubble Print by Amour Vert, $38.50 (on sale)


Paired with Brixon Ivy Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeved Blouse (from Stitch Fix)

I was not so super crazy about this skirt–it was a little tight at the top, and the print just screams “YOU’RE GOING TO SPILL ON ME”. The material was nothing too exciting and the cut itself wasn’t anything out of the ordinary–I feel like I could find something at H&M or the like. Overall this was a pass.

Rafaella Dress by Bailey44, $75.50 (on sale)


Necklace from a random jewelry boutique in Savannah, GA


I have been on the hunt for a handkerchief cut dress for a while–most that I’ve tried on have really made my hips look wide. I was pleasantly surprised that this dress hugs in all the right places while still gave the look and feel of the style dress I’ve been hunting for. This green is versatile throughout the seasons–it looks great sleeveless, but could easily be paired with tights or a cardigan. It’s a little pricey, but I’m still thinking this one is a keeper.

Zamira Tank by Ella Moss, $61.60 (on sale)


Necklace from Savannah, GA; jeans from American Eagle


When I pulled this out of the box, I immediately put it up to my face and coo-ed…it is crazy soft! I love a good cotton top, and the cut-outs for this were super adorable…but totally not work appropriate. Not to mention it’s pretty dang see-through. Paired with the pretty high price for a black tank top (of which I already have 13094813084), I decided that this one would have to be sent back.

Felix Ultrasuede Moto by Greylin, $81.60 (on sale)



Top from Anthropologie, jeans from American Eagle

Although it is the most expensive thing I chose to ship, I was giddy when this vest arrived and was above & beyond what I expected. I had requested a versatile, warm-yet-stylish vest from Stitch Fix a few months ago, and got a vest that was less than exciting. My phone does not give the quality of this vest justice–it is beautifully made! I love that I can wear it sans-shirt, or pair it with a long-sleeved top. Overall, this was by far my favorite piece. No doubt, this one was going to be a keeper.

Overall review:

This was a great way to test some pieces that may have been out of my comfort-zone without visiting a snooty boutique in front of unforgiving mirrors. I like that there was a personal note complimenting my style, but ultimately I was making decisions on my own. This is a great alternative to folks who want a little more control than what Stitch Fix offers when it comes to receiving pieces. Plus, since it’s a free service, there’s little to no risk.

You should give Lyon + Post a try, dude! The best part about this referral code is that not only do I get something, but YOU get $30 to spend on your first order too! So go ahead–treat yo’self!


This was not a sponsored post, nor was it endorsed by Donna Meagle and/or Tom Haverford (although I think they would both really like this service).

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